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                      The Auction Process 


                The Auction Process 

The Auction Process starts long before the first bid is made.


It begins with your first consultation with an associate from American Heritage Auctioneers. At all times, our priority is your bottom line. To help you reach your goals, we prepare an evaluation of, and information about the property to be sold. Upon signing our employment agreement, your American Heritage Auctioneers associate then turns to the experienced marketing and advertising team of TAM advertising. Working with the associate they develop a full-scale marketing plan. This may include multi-media advertising, e-mail, direct mail, on site signage, and the execution of the details involved in producing a successful sale.


Your American Heritage Auctioneers Associate, along with their assistants will research and assemble important information about your property. This will allow us to answer any questions about your property that the Buyer might have. This will ensure, should there be any issues with the property (ie. EPA, easements, encroachments, etc), that they will be resolved prior to the sale day, which will allow for a timely closing.


Such details encompass providing pertinent information in response to many calls, faxes, and e-mails generated by the advertising. On sale day, our professional team will arrive early to prepare all facets of the sale such as signage, reception, registration, sound system, legal documents and any other logistics.


The Auction Process of selling Real Estate works because it brings together all interested Buyers at one time, in one place. The National Association of Realtors continues to endorse Auction marketing as a viable sales and purchase option and they promote the use of Auctions to its more than 760,000 Realtor trademark members.



Click the box below to find out more information about purchasing a property by auction...

Click the box below to find out more information about selling a property by auction...